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Westcap Group Inc. is an industrial company with controlling interests in oilfield and agriculture manufacturing, food processing, and agriculture operations.



Food Processing

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We are passionate about starting, operating and investing in businesses that improve the quality of Human Life in a sustainable way. We believe that the future of global agriculture and food production is bright and has significant technology driven opportunities ahead.

Our Investments

iQ / Boundary Energy

IQ Energy and Boundary Energy design, build, and market clean energy products focused on converting otherwise underutilized waste streams into valuable ‘clean’ energy.


Your one stop for canned beverages, co-packing & private label.

TOV AgroUkr

TOV AgroUkr is a Ukraine based production group that grows vegetables and grains, and provides logistical services.

Concept Industries

Top quality bin solutions for farmers. Building relationships through integrity and honesty.
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Prairie Premium Products Inc.

Prairie Premium supplies high quality milled and whole flax to the global market.

In2Action Foundation

Distribution of food, medication, and other essentials for the people in Ukraine.

Green&Clean Global

GREEN&CLEAN GLOBAL is the Export Accelerator for Agri Food and Ag Tech companies that enable companies to successfully scale and commercialize internationally.


Lonny Thiessen



Lonny is the Founder and CEO of Westcap Group Inc. Westcap is an industrial holding company with controlling interests in oilfield and agricultural manufacturing, food processing and services, real estate, and agriculture production. In 2008, Lonny founded Western Manufacturing, and grew it to become a significant player in oil and gas equipment development and manufacturing prior to selling the business. Lonny has over 15 years of experience in executive leadership, product development as well as manufacturing. Always on the lookout for new opportunities to build and grow business, Lonny has led the creation of several successful startups and participated in various M&A, turnaround, and high growth projects.

Roland Thiessen



Roland is a shareholder and director of Westcap Group Inc., an industrial company with controlling interests in oilfield and agriculture manufacturing, food processing and services, real estate, and agriculture operations. Roland is involved in business development including production processes, plant design, product development, and team building. He consults on a variety of levels, drawing from over 40 years of industry experience. He has developed and marketed a number of agricultural products including tillage tools, livestock equipment, grain handling equipment, and grain storage solutions. He has also helped develop oilfield equipment including tanks, mud separation, and liquid management systems. He has founded several successful businesses including De-in Industries Ltd, Peace Land Fabricating Ltd. and TAU Group, a Ukraine based agri-business that is involved in the production of grain, vegetables and logistics. He is also involved in several humanitarian projects in Ukraine.

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